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Day 8: Dieting And Depression

Day 8: Dieting and depression

I am starting to feel disappointed that I haven't yet lost a lot of weight and also angry with myself for not being "better" at dieting. Online you can readl success stories of people's diet. I googled the 5:2 and…

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Day 6: Exhaustion And Reward

Day 6: Exhaustion and reward

Today, I was so exhausted I decided not to write a full update. Instead, I'll upload a few pictures. I decided to reward myself for keeping with the project although I am a bit disappointed with myself for not having…

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Day 5: A New Habit Is Born

Day 5: A New Habit is Born

To snack is a very powerful habit. And very hard to break. More than 40 percent of our actions are habits we don't think about. They are automatic and extremely difficult to change. We can't remove a habit once it's in our brain. But…

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Day 4: Habits Are Hard To Break

Day 4: Habits are Hard to Break

Yesterday (Friday where I made dinner with dessert for a good friend) I did not loose any weight because I stuffed myself. And today I had invited my son to running sushi dinner at our local Dragon City Chinese Restaurant because…

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Day 3: The Weight Game And Stomach Ache

Day 3: The Weight Game and Stomach Ache

I insist on not dieting and I also insist on doing what I would usually do. So this evening I had a friend over for dinner and made cannelloni with ricotta cheese and tiramisu for desert and had bought an excellent…

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Day 2: Weight And The Power Of Habit

Day 2: Weight and the Power of Habit

In my experience, I don’t lose weight when I am on a diet. I’ve tried, but I am simply too fond of cakes and bread and sweets or whatever you are not supposed to eat. When I have the opportunity, I…

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