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Day 1: The Weight Game – How To Diet Without Dieting

Day 1: The Weight Game – How to Diet Without Dieting

Yeah, we all know dieting makes you fat. The more extreme a diet is, the more you gain once you stop dieting. That is a fact. So this is not a diet. It is my weight game.

For more than a year I have struggled to lose a few pounds. The opposite has happened. I have gained eight pounds. So, enough! Today is the first day of a month where I set myself the challenge to lose weight without being on a diet.

People tell me I should accept becoming heavier. They say it is age. I should accept my metabolism has changed because I am past 50 (I am 51).

People also say I don’t need to lose weight as I am not overweight. I was always slim, and before I had children I was 105 pounds. After two children I crawled up to 132, but then I started running and my weight went down to 125 pounds, which felt great.

And people say aging women should not focus on body image but accept that we change. I agree, of course. Women shouldn’t buy into negative stereotypes of staying fit and young. However – I still don’t want to gain weight… yeah, this is a dilemma and a contradiction.

Today I am 135 pounds (61 kilo). Shall I accept that aging means gaining weight? Today, I make a choice: Buy new clothes or lose weight. Since I don’t believe in dieting I will try to lose weight by turning this into a weight game.


Here are my game rules:

Day 1: 61 kilo / 135 pounds. Goal: 57 kilo / 126 pounds

  1. I eat what I want in what quantities I feel like
  2. I review my habits and make new habitsabout eating
  3. I weigh myself every morning (after two cups of coffee) and upload the image


So, tomorrow I’ll write about habits. Now I have to go make dinner.


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