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Day 2: Weight And The Power Of Habit

Day 2: Weight and the Power of Habit

In my experience, I don’t lose weight when I am on a diet. I’ve tried, but I am simply too fond of cakes and bread and sweets or whatever you are not supposed to eat. When I have the opportunity, I stuff myself.

Instead I will try to change my snack habits.

One habit is snacking. When I work well, I snack. And since I work every day (yes, also Saturdays and Sundays) I snack every day. I thought it was work that made me snack, but when I relax with Netflix in the evening, goddamit, I snack again.

What to do instead? Well, when the urge to snack grabbed me today, I decided to do something else. I got out the bike dog trailer I bought last year. I haven’t used it since Fall 2017, and I broke my foot in four places this January 2018, so I only recently started biking.

The sun was shining and instead of snacking I took Stella in the trailer up to the moors outside Copenhagen and she could run around them and take some swims. It was an awesome bike trip.

Now, in the evening, I feel the urge to snack again. Can’t go to the moors, so I’ll eat edamame beans. I eat them frozen which makes them crunchy and kind of like hard candy.

Dunno if I can break my eating habits. Charles Duhigg in The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do and How to Change (2012) says the habit is a neurological loop with three moments: a cue, a routine, and a reward. My cue is the idea of having a snack, my routine is what I do (eat something), and my reward is the energy rush from eating.

I’ve isolated the cue to the habit of snacking. Now I will see if I can change my routine. Remember, it is not a diet. It’s a matter of changing habits.

Today was so far a success. The weight this morning said 60,5 kilo/ 133,5 pounds. Less than yesterday. Weight can oscillate several pounds because of what is in your stomach and intestines, so it need not be a weight loss.


Now for some serious Netflix. The Good Wife, season 6. Cary is in jail, it is so exciting.


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