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Day 3: The Weight Game And Stomach Ache

Day 3: The Weight Game and Stomach Ache

I insist on not dieting and I also insist on doing what I would usually do.

So this evening I had a friend over for dinner and made cannelloni with ricotta cheese and tiramisu for desert and had bought an excellent sweet white wine.

Now I feel totally stuffed and heavy because I couldn’t stop eating even when I was full. Bummer. The morning started well, but tomorrow I think I will be back on the weight from day 1.

Anyway, this was my snack while I was working:

Edamame snack at noon

Also, I promised myself that if I stopped working at 14.45 I could make it to the public swimming pool before they closed. My cue (in the habit circle of cue-routine-reward) was that I wanted to snack. I tried to change the snack-cue with the promise that I would swim instead. I would have time to swim if I finished work early.

Result: I finished work early, however, I ended up delivering a review I was not at all satisfied with.

Conflict: I got to the pool which was a great break with the snack routine. However, my work suffered. Fuck, this is difficult. In the evening I was so exhausted from work and from swimming and from thinking about snacking and not snacking that I ended up stuffing myself.

Arghh. This is a difficult month.

Anyway, here is the weight from the morning on day 3.

60 kilo /132,2 pounds

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