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Day 4: Habits Are Hard To Break

Day 4: Habits are Hard to Break

Yesterday (Friday where I made dinner with dessert for a good friend) I did not loose any weight because I stuffed myself. And today I had invited my son to running sushi dinner at our local Dragon City Chinese Restaurant because Rasmus is doing his final written exams in highschool and I wanted to cheer him up.

I absolutely love running sushi, so again, this was not an evening where I went easy on food. Furthermore, it is a set price for as much as you can eat. And it’s with dessert.

During the day I tried not to eat and instead started the once-a-year cleaning of my terrasse that I hate doing. It was hard work and afterwards I felt I should reward myself.

cleaning the terrasse

However, after a day with only breakfast and hard work cleaning the terrasse, I felt insanely hungry, ravenous like a wolf being starved for a week, and I probably ate double of what should have been my normal dinner. There were many stacked sushi plates that the waiters kept removing so we couldn’t keep count.

It seems not to work to eat when extremely hungry. In the news there was discussion of the Ramadan and fasting. One of our politicians, a Danish Minister, had said to the press she believed people fasting for Ramadan should take vacation and not work. She said one was unable to go to work if you fasted during the day. (No, she does not have my vote….).

Stella found a tiny pink rubber ball in the park (it’s to her left). She has been carrying it round for two days now.

I had breakfast, so I was not really fasting. But it made me think of the Ramadan. My hunger also made me think of the 5:2 day diet which is known as The Fast Diet. A friend had mentioned this diet to me when I told her last week I would start this month-long blog about losing weight.

The fast day is to eat normally for five days in the week and have two days where you eat less than 500 calories. There should be at least one normal day between the two fasting days.

Since my diet is about discovering what “bad habits” I have in my own eating and to see if I can change them, I won’t go on this 5:2 diet. Although you can eat what you want, I think it’s still a diet. If you are interested, this website has lots of snacks and foods for the 5:2 diet.

What can I learn from today?

Bad habits are hard to break. My bad habit is to over-eat when given the possibility. Especially if I am hungry and at a buffet.

Morning: Almost back to where I began, which was 61 kilo / 134,5 pounds

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