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Day 8: Dieting And Depression

Day 8: Dieting and depression

I am starting to feel disappointed that I haven’t yet lost a lot of weight and also angry with myself for not being “better” at dieting. Online you can readl success stories of people’s diet. I googled the 5:2 and it seems everyone loose weight and feel great.

Well, not me. I am feeling low and blaming myself for not being better at dieting. Better at changing. In fact, better at all kinds of things. 

And I now remember this also happened earlier when I tried to loose weight. My mood would get really low, I’d feel depressed, and I’d go back to rewarding myself with snacks.

I will try to see it as a phase in the  diet and deal with it as a phase in my diet-without-dieting game.

Facts for today: The weight is the same as yesterday. But my mood is lower. Yes, dieting can make you feel depressed. I’ll be back on that issue in the post for day 9.

Is this a good thing? Same weight as yesterday, 132,5 pounds


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