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Day 9: Diet, Depression, And How To Deal With It

Day 9: Diet, depression, and how to deal with it

This morning I felt depressed even though my weight was 60 k, about 132 pounds, and the lowest in my 9 days so far. How do you deal with feeling depressed when dieting? First move is to focus on positive action.

The last times I tried to lose weight in the previous year, I now recall I stopped because I started feeling depressed. And yes, research shows that dieting can cause depression. What do people do when depressed? I don’t know about you, but I go back to my old habits and reward myself with familiar things. Oh, yes: snacking.

Not this time.

To diet without dieting might not make me lose weight, however, I firmly believe it is useless to go on a diet if I am not willing to stay on it for the rest of my life. Thus, the answer simply cannot be to find a special diet for a limited time.

So, back to changing habits. If I get depressed by eating less or by trying to eat less, how do I beat that negative feeling? By positive actions! I will

a) reward myself with something that is not a snack

b) continue to buy new and good things for meals. That is, things I like and would eat any time and that are not especially related to any diet. I REFUSE TO COUNT CALORIES. It is simply so unsexy. But I admit I try to eat less and I also try to eat more healthy without being religious about what I put in my mouth. Food and brain are related. In fact, I’ve discovered something called nutritional psychiatry – but more about that on a future post.

c) spend more time on healthy lifestyle and doing things that are fun and good for wellbeing.

Mimersgade Sundhedscenter – the place for rehabilitation

So, this morning I had decided to skip my foot rehabilitation class, but at the last minute changed my mind. I came in last and without having showered, but fuck that, I made it! I even did exercises afterwards at my local fitness center, which I joined the same day I broke my foot in January 2018. I broke my shoulder February 2017, and the shoulder still bothers me. So, today, I did exercises for foot and shoulder.

This morning, I felt shitty. After the exercises, I felt really happy. Yes, I did something positive. In the rehabilitation class I was with young injured sportspeople. I’m 51, they are in their twenties. At my fitness center, afterwards, I worked out next to a couple of guys with impressive tattoos and muscles. When I arrived on my bike, one of them exited from a big, black expensive car. He looked nothing like Al Pacino, yet the scene looked like something from Godfather.

Street kitchen Reffen at Refshaleøen

In the evening, I had a very dear friend over for dinner. We decided to take a bike trip and ended eating dinner at Refshaleøen at a new trendy street kitchen she suggested. Here you can sit and eat next to the water. It is called Reffen. Absolutely awesome. That really made my depression disappear. On the way we had hors d’oeurve at a design place with Finnish furniture. Those were tiny fish on potatoes…. salty.




Oh, Copenhagen – such a trendy place these days. Breaking habits make new things possible and certainly offers new experiences.

And it helps to have friends.



This was my weight this morning.

And after two hours of exercise for foot and shoulder.

After two hours of exercise: below 60 k, 131 pounds. It is just be loss of water.

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