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Day 14: Two Weeks And Counting Down

Day 14: Two weeks and counting down

I am now almost half way on my diet-without-dieting. Tomorrow I will make a status.

I have decided I don’t need to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, but can eat what I want when I want. So, today I had breakfast, a lunch, and a second breakfasts, yoghurt with fruits and granula.

The weight was high this morning and lower in the evening. Weird, normally it’s the other way around. But our normal weight can fluctuate up to 5 pounds from day to day. Why?

  1. the sodium level (salt) in your body will make the body have more or less water
  2. alcohol – also a matter of water in the body
  3. carbohydrates – will also bind water
  4. exercise – again, water
  5. restroom use (yep, use your imagination)
  6. having your period

This morning:

The most I have weighed since I started. 60,9 k or 134 pounds

And in the afternoon, after training:

It’s probably unhealthy for me to focus this much on numbers.

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