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Day 18: Dead Animals And The Circle Of Life

Day 18: Dead animals and the circle of life

Today, I had oral examinations and one of my students brought a dead bird, she had wanted to use for her box. The box was her creative media product and part of the examination. My course had been about playing with fear in media fictions.

When I find dead animals, I often photograph them. Why? Because the circle of life is so fascinating. Most of us of course think of the song by Elton John for The Lion King (1994). But the circle of life is everything, including our own dead bodies. We are aging and we will die.

I will too.

But does this mean I have to change now? I feel two bodies battling inside, two versions of me. One is the woman, who broke a shoulder and a foot and is kind of tired and sat in her couch and watched a lot of Netflix and had a lot of snacks. She put on some weight. The other version is the woman who three years ago ran a marathon on the Chinese Wall and two years ago ran a Trail Marathon in winter on the beach. She was pretty happy about her running.

I finished Thy Trail Marathon the winter February 2016 – and I hope to be able to get back to running when my foot is better in September

Is that woman dead and gone? Or does the circle of life continue and she can return. Maybe not as fast as before (but I was never fast, just really stubborn), but able to run another marathon?

Right now, I can’t walk when I come home after a long day at work. I am back in my couch, and so tired I can’t even watch HBO. Instead I watch another law series on Netflix. The most relaxing tv ever. I am not being sued for millions of dollars. I can go to bed and dream of dead birds.

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