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Day 19: Trying On Clothes Not Worn In A Year

Day 19: Trying on clothes not worn in a year

It is probably hubris, but this evening I was trying on clothes that I have not worn in more than a year. Hubris is excessive pride. Maybe my crime here is rather narcissism than hubris? Pathos instead of ethos? Volapük instead of English?

I could barely squeeze into a nice pair of wool pants and a leather top by Tiger – I will see if I might fit them in five days, when I’ll be at a conference.

Both these things look “cool” and I haven’t looked cool for a long time. Actually, mostly I’ve worn second-hand clothes bought in Ukraine or clothes found in my back-yard. I’ve been into the “clothes-don’t-matter” mindset. It depends on what you do, sometimes clothes DO matter. I’v been doing writing, so in that process clothes and weight didn’t matter. Now, starting to turn my head around and look at other venues, I find that weight matters (I’d really like to get back to running my marathons). And perhaps clothes matter too.


I also tried on a pair of high-heeled shoes. I used to wear high-heels a lot, even to work. I commute, so my work days can be very long. The shoes looked nice, but I could barely take two steps in those before my no-longer-broken left foot really hurt. How did she do it, Sarah Jessica Parker? Respect.



Back into my comfortable TEVA sandals that I can climb mountains with. They are really comfortable and feel like heaven after a few seconds in almost any other shoes besides sneakers. My daughter think these shoes are so ugly that no matter how comfy they are I cannot wear them. I disagree. She’s 22 and I am 51. When feet hurt, THEY HURT. And comfortable and ugly is better than hurt.



And this morning I had a wonderful brunch with my mother, I took the bike and dog trailer again. Success on doing something with bike and dog and not over-exercising. My mom would hate this picture to be online – however, it was a really nice brunch on her new terrace, Stella and I felt a little like being in heaven. Children were playing below us and it is Summer.







59,4 k or 131 pounds. Lowest weight since I broke my foot in January. My goal is 57 k, 125,5 pounds


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