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Day 20: Is Losing Weight Vanity Or What?
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Day 20: Is losing weight vanity or what?

I cannot decide if my dieting is vanity or if it is about getting back into the old and fit me. Is it because I don’t want to be my age, 51? Or is it because I just don’t buy it that you have to “let go” at 51. Or be a health-obsessed and plastic-surgery-fixated white entitled Western middle-class woman.


There were actually people at the fitness center. I’d thought they would all at the beach on a sunny Sunday

Aren’t there room for something in between? Like, for instance, I actually like running marathons, and I also like running with my dog, which I did before I broke my foot.

It’s not vanity that I want that back.

But, I admit, there is vanity to wanting to look a certain way. But not in wanting to feel a certain way. I feel empowered when I can run. When I can run 42 k. That’s a really fucking great feeling. But it takes some training. It still remains to be seen if I can run.





Dinner on mom’s balcony

But I can bike! So I took Stella and had the best dinner at mom’s terrace: cabbage, bacon, sweet potatoes and salad.





The fantastic show Killing Eve (HBO, 2018)

And I have totally fallen in love with HBO’s show Killing Eve that my daughter recommended to me. It’s fantastic. A female antihero worthy of an academic paper. I started on that paper today and will continue tomorrow. Will present on Thursday on a critics-meet-author panel for Margrethe Bruun Vaage’s The Antihero in American Television.


And when can I wear high heels again??????


I started at 61 k/ 134,5 pounds and am on day 20 at 59 k/ 130 pounds

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