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Day 21: Weight, Phenomenologically Speaking
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Day 21: Weight, phenomenologically speaking

Our weight, phenomenologically speaking, changes us. We feel different whether we have a broken foot, a broken heart, are fit for marathons, are slightly overweight, are aging, are happy, are sad. Today, I feel sad because Rødemis has died.

Today my old cat, Rødemis – Red Cat, died. She had been living with my daughter now for three years. She was fairly old, 17 years, but she was a special case. So intelligent, eager, curious, breaking things and always exploring the house. She should have been a farm cat with a hunting territory of her own, but was a  big city apartment cat instead. She has broken many things. Not out of evil, but out of curiosity.

My daughter cried. Her father had taken her to the vet with the cat, and the death was unexpected. The present heat wave had done it. I know that she will miss Rødemis a lot – perhaps get a new cat. Our pets are not children, of course not, but they have a special place in our homes and hearts. Rødemis had used a lot of lives. She once fell out of the window from our four-floor-apartment and down on the concrete road. She was hospitalized and I nursed her back with a severely broken leg.

She also got lost once when living with my daughter, and was gone for three days, and then someone phoned and had found her hiding in a building – and he actually looked at that number tattooed in her ear, because he had a tri-colore cat that looked like her!!!

You will be missed, Red Cat. Rødemis. You had a challenging life with (my) divorce, living in several homes, with me when I was married, with me as single with the children, with my dad as he was increasingly sick, and finally with my daughter who treasured and adored you and treated you like the little  queen you are. I know that you are up in heaven, because in heaven there is also room for our beloved pets. Go hunting now, out in the wild!!!!

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