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Day 22: Losing Weight And Feeling A Different Body Emerging
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Day 22: Losing weight and feeling a different body emerging

Stella golden retriever


As I am losing weight I feel a different body slowly emerging from within. It’s my old fit body that wants to run, to exercise, to be out in nature with Stella. I must say, I don’t enjoy the fitness centre. It’s focus on steel, on weights, on measuring and counting, is not for me. I love being outside running, looking at the lake, the streets, passing the people and the shops as I leave the busy Nørrebro and reach the moors outside Copenhagen, running along the highway, having Stella on the leash and waiting for those two spots where she is allowed to go for her swims and we throw a stick in the water. She will come up all wait, shake her fur, and shower me.


I can’t wait for those runs.

Until then, I swim and exercise at the fitness centre and I try to be patient. A new body is slowly emerging. I feel stronger. But I also feel my age creeping in on me. I’m no longer 30 or 40. I’m 51.


Street Cut Nørrebrogade 63

Street Cut Nørrebrogade 63 – and no, this beautiful young woman is not me

I had a new haircut today. No, this isn’t me, but me and the hairdresser agreed on trying this style. I’ve never had Sigga cut my hair before, but she did a wonderful job. Usually it is Selma. I love the tattoo on the model …. perhaps I should get that tattoo.




Tracking my weight over 30 days

If the weight is correct, then this marks 5 pounds towards the goal. Today, under 59 k, about 129,5 pounds

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