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Day 23: Weight And Feeling Fantastic For The First Time
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Day 23: Weight and feeling fantastic for the first time

Day 23 and I exercised before taking the plane to the US for a conference, which made me feel fantastic. And because the public pool turned out to open late on a Tuesday I went to the fitness centre instead. I feel my old body returning, and that feels amazing. It’s not so much about losing weight, as it is about getting back a body I feel at home in. Paradoxically, I don’t feel at home in the body that broke a shoulder and broke a foot and then was restrained for too long. That body felt like it wasn’t my body.


Because I am worth it. Treated myself to a lunch at Kastrup airport

Back in action. But it takes work and a change of habit. One habit I am trying to change is to use sugar (sometimes) in my coffee.

Goodbye to sugar. Not for good, I’ll keep using sugar sometimes. But it should no longer be a regular habit in my morning coffee.




Feeling fantastic and on my way to Bozeman, Montana

At the airport I treated myself to a lunch and enjoyed the view of airplanes and the luxury at being able to travel. I am always anxious before traveling, but the minute I enter the airport I feel at home. The airport – a transitional space – feels like my perfect home. Never fixed to anywhere in particular.

It is not my weight, but my altered physical state with more muscles, that feels great. Like a body ready to be used.









Below 60 k finally

below 60 finally


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