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Day 24: Visiting The Fitness Centre At The Motel In Bozeman

Day 24: Visiting the fitness centre at the motel in Bozeman


I decided to try working out in the fitness centre in the motel basement. I am at a conference in Bozeman, Montana, and totally jet-lagged. There is no pool, so it’s a good thing I know what to do with the machines and the stuff, having learned from the fitness centre in Copenhagen.

So that is a habit I will make being here for the conference: to use the fitness centre every morning for an hour. It is possible because I am away from home and don’t have to walk a dog and wake up a son. It is just me. Feels like a luxury.


It turns out the sign for the Lewis & Clark Motel is known in Montana – designed in 1975 and huge, out in West Main Street. It’s a wonderful quaint motel, and I can only recommend it highly. The staff is really friendly and we hang out there in the evenings, because it is cosy and has free tee and coffee.




The poster presentation at the conference was accompanied by ice cream and whipped cream, strawberries, three types of chocolate sauce. I see now why Americans are not the slimmest people in the world. Indulgence – I had two servings, because it is really hard for me to say know to temptation when it is right in front of me and it is free.


No weight in the room, so it remains to be seen on the 19th if it has gone up or down. I haven’t got a clue, since I am eating outside of my normal rhythm.

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