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Day 25: Losing The Weight Game At The All-inclusive Buffet
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Day 25: Losing the weight game at the all-inclusive buffet

It is difficult to lose weight on a conference in the US. Food is everywhere and there are all the participants from the conference to hang out with. It will be interesting to see what the result is when I return home. Weight loss or gain.


Also, there is a great buffet for 11$ all-inclusive. It is really huge, but a buffet is NOT good for weight loss. I am over-eating. The advice on buffets are:


  • Go only once to fill your plate
  • Don’t think you should “get your money’s worth” just have one meal
  • Start with salad and the light stuff, then take the calorie-heavy afterwards. The healthy stuff should fill half of your plate.

But to be honest –  I did go several times and even had two desserts.


The hotel is so nice to work in. The sun is shining and Montana is so beautiful. Here is my little working spot.

No weight image – but a lot of food and work.

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