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Day 26: Weight And Going To The “gun Room”

Day 26: Weight and going to the “gun room”


When shopping for a long-sleeved blouse (because Bozeman turned out to be cold) I found a shop for outdoors activities and while looking at a trophy of a giant moose, the shop assistent asked me if I wanted to see the shop’s gun room.


Gun room?

To a Dane, this is an unusual question. The only people with guns in Denmark are the police, the criminals, and the very, very few hunters. So, gun room? Yes!

I talked to a man who was really nice and turned out to be the owner. He and his son had shot most of the animals, including some in Africa that they had brought back. Not the rhinoceros though (you cannot see that in this picture).


I did not tell him that I almost never eat meat, I believe animals’ have the same rights to freedom and happiness as people and I am also very conflicted about hunting. I think we should only hunt for food when we have to and are hungry.



But I admit that I am fascinated by hunting and the gun culture. It is really a guilty fascination. I have written a paper on “The Hunt” by Thomas Vinterberg, which is a masterpiece.

That film is about ethics, killing, hunting, and human morality. And with Mads Mikkelsen, one of our greatest actors.









The gun room, at least to me, was like some weird David Lynch experience. Very americana, very strange, very fascinating. And it is perhaps debatable if the room had psychopath killers and victims. If so, these victims were surely innocent.

If you haven’t seen The Most Dangerous Game, this is the time for a classic.

no weight since the motel has no weight. But I am sticking to breaking my habit with no sugar in my morning coffee.

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