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Day 27: Breaking Good And Making New Habits In My Weight Game
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Day 27: Breaking good and making new habits in my weight game

exercise as a new habit in the weight game

Exercise as a new habit

Breaking bad habits and making new habits is really difficult, as Charles Duhigg explains in The Power of habitBut it is possible.  I wrote about that in an earlier blog entry, day 7, “Jackpot – I discovered my keystone habit.”

I think I have broken the bad habit of having sugar in my morning coffee. Now I have no sugar. My next step will be to play with having milk in the coffee. I like it sweet and with milk, but I want to make these things a choice and not set habits.

Also, I have now made the habit of exercising in the mornings. This habit is easy when I am away on conference and there is no dog, no son to wake up, and the fitness centre is right in the basement. I’ll see if I can keep up a habit of exercising each day when I return home.

Someone on the conference told me that “to break bad” is an expression, meaning to choose to break with social rules. I didn’t know that, but I loved season one of Breaking Bad, so I might return to the show. I might not though, cause everyone has told me everything about what happens, so little news there.

My weight game is about breaking good.

The reward will be to reclaim an embodiment that I think is pleasant. How do I explain? That I will experience a fit between my self, my ideas of my self, and my body. Something like that.

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