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I love monsters, strong women, the fantastic, and all animals (real and fictional), including dragons. I read adult books from I was nine and consumed anything with a fantastic theme or violent crime. This, obviously, included Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Euripides’ Medea, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan books, Alistair MacLean’s Where Eagles Dare, and The She-Hulk. I wish I had written all of these – I would have added more female protagonists who could fight, travel, and kill.

In my fiction, the protagonist is female and can be a spoiled princess, a vampire, or a pissed-of dentist’s wife. So far, I have written two vampire novels, a horror short story, and a children’s book, all in Danish. The plan is for more to come, perhaps in English too.

cover to Darkness novel


Darkness is the second book in a vampire series set in Denmark and Europe. There are two books, Bite and Darkness, both in Danish.

“Helena’s hand shook slightly as she put her finger on the door bell. Small and wrinkled calling cards were stuck in behind the door phone, with invitations to massages, coaching, escort services. Among them was a black card with Gothic letters printed in gold:

PETER LEE, Soothsayer
27 Mandeville Place, phone (0)20 7387 8776
by appointment only”

The vampire Natascha has escaped the Danish police and kidnapped Rosa. Rosa is part of a secret plan that will break the Balance between humans and vampires.

Helena has gone to London to seek help. Who is Natascha really? Where is Rosa? Is it too late to change the dark future soothsayer Peter Lee shows Helena? And what happens when the door to the kingdom of the dead is opened?

The battle between the living and the undead draws a trail of blood through Europe that ends in Oświęcim, Poland.

Published by Valeta, 2014, in Danish

ISBN 978-87-7157-006-9

ePub 978-87-7157-007-6




4 Macabre Tributes to Poe

This is a horror anthology with four short stories written as a tribute to Edgar Allan Poe’s work. My contribution is “Worm Cure,” a take on “Berenice” (1835). It is my first horror short story and I was kindly invited by Steen Langstrup, a Danish horror writer. The other short stories are tributes to “William Wilson” (1839), “The Fall of the House of Usher” (1839), “The Tell-Tale Heart” (1843). Edited by Mette Strømfeldt, who wrote the foreword. Published with The Crime Convention in Horsens.

By A. M. Vedsø Olesen, Patrick Leis, Rikke Schubart, Steen Langstrup

Published by Horsens Krimimessen and 2 Feet Entertainment, 2009.






Bite is my very first novel and the first book in a vampire series set in Denmark and Europe. There are so far two books, Bite and Darkness, both published in Danish.

“Blood …

If you take it from the arteries, is splashes impatiently out of the body. From the veins, it flows slowly, pushed forward by the vein valves, which prevent the blood from retreating back into the body. If you want to keep your clothes clean, you choose the veins. This way, the bleeding ceases when you let go. She smiled softly at the thought.”

One evening Natascha arrives from Rome to Copenhagen and moves in with her sister, Helena. And soon bodies drained of blood turn up. Anders, Helena’s husband, is obsessed with the beautiful sister-in-law, but their daughter Rosa suspects foul play. Something is wrong … very, very wrong.

Published by Valeta, 2014 (original 2008), in Danish

ISBN 978-87-7157-004-5

ePub 978-87-7157-005-2




The Princess Who Complained all the Time

This fairy tale is my first published fiction. It started as a story told to my daughter as we were walking across The Oresund Bridge in 2010. She was four and it was a very long walk.

Illustrated by Tine Modeweg-Hansen

Republished as Fun and Pink Princesses Fairy Tales

2005, 36 p, hardback, published by Høst & Søn – Sold out

158 p, hardback, published by Gyldendal – Sold out

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