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Day 16: First Milestone, Under 60 K

Day 16: First milestone, under 60 k

First milestone accomplished. Today I went below 60 k for the first time since I began. Actually, since more than three months. Success. Yesterday I was below 60 too, so this is two days in a row. The goal for…

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Day 15: Finishing The Nutella

Day 15: Finishing the Nutella

Midway in the one month experiment with being on a diet without dieting. Evaluation: I have changed several habits: I snack mostly on healthy things I drink less tee and coffee I exercise more I eat smaller dinners, however, I…

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Day 14: Two Weeks And Counting Down

Day 14: Two weeks and counting down

I am now almost half way on my diet-without-dieting. Tomorrow I will make a status. I have decided I don't need to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, but can eat what I want when I want. So, today I had breakfast,…

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